IPL E-light hair reduction

At last! Genuinely pain free hair removal for all skin types! It’s the newest generation of hair removal techniques delivering safe, pain free silky smooth skin for everyone. Banish unwanted hair regardless of your skin colour and whether you hair is blonde, white, red, grey or dark. A safer, more effective choice for hair reduction is eclipsing the already popular Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) with bi-polar radio frequency energies to safely treat unwanted hair for all skin types. Unlike IPL alone, E-Light can treat people who were previously disadvantaged and have been turned away due to their skin or hair colour. Where IPL penetrates 4mm into the skin E-Light Laser penetrates 15mm banishing hair permanently and resurfacing skin to a more youthful appearance.

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Our Rate Card
IPL Session
Brazilian (winter special free underarms) $60
Full leg (winter special free bikini or underarm) $90
Lower leg (winter special free chin or lip) $55
Full arm (winter special free lip or chin) $120
Full back (winter special free neck) $100
Chest + stomach (winter special free neck/shoulders) $80